Born and raised in Bucks County PA I have always wanted to own a home on Main St. in New Hope. After 20 years in Southern California as a top modeling photographer and stylist I returned to my roots and made my dream come true. I feel very fortunate to live in this scenic award-winning Delaware River Town. Filled with decades of history and noted for being home to dozens of notable artists and writers I would say “, Bucks County is the new Hamptons”,. In fact coming back and seeing the potential here was the catalyst for me to flip the lens and change careers. Throughout my career as a photographer I always found a way to build trust and bring out my clients’, best self in their photos. Now as a realtor I use that skill to both help my clients find homes that connect to their heart or list their home with ease and confidence in my innate ability to sell. My background in sales art style and design coupled with my love for research give me the edge to be a five-star agent to my clients. As someone who knows the profound joy of making her own dreams come true I am excited to help others achieve theirs. If Pennsylvania is not your state of choice and you’,re looking to cross the bridge to New Jersey I’,m happy to cross with you. I have a license in NJ too!